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Everything Attachments Bale Unroller from FrontThe bale unroller with the narrow design will handle 4 and 5 foot bales weighing up to 1500 pounds. The arms are controlled by a 2 1/2 x 8 inch hydraulic cylinder. This pulls the arms in to spear the bale so the hay can be unrolled evenly and efficiently for feeding purposes. This unroller controls waste and dead grass in the pasture by moving round hay bales to different spots for feeding. Livestock will move and not trample the grass at the same place every time hay is fed. This unit is equipped with a 2 ½ x 8 inch hydraulic cylinder with hoses or couplers. The bale unroller is equipped with both the category I and II three point hitch. Free Shipping within 1,000 miles!

Everything Attachments Bale UnrollerThe act of feeding animals with round bales of hay can be rough on the field in which they feed for a few reasons, The animals stay in one spot and don't move around which in turn kills the grass around the feeding area. Another problem with the way that round bales are fed to animals is the large bale usually being placed in the same place everytime. With a bale unroller, you can use your tractor to move and unroll large round bales of hay and keep the large bale and animals from damaging the grass around the hay bale area.

Round straw bales in a field

When you can keep animals from crowding the feeding area, it helps to make the hay go farther, and saving money by not allowing the animals to trample the hay into the dirt and wasting valuable food. Hay is getting more and more expensive every year, so the sooner you start unrolling your round bales of hay the more money you save. One of the most important things to remember about feeding hay in any fashion, is to put out what is needed for the animals, if you put out a week's worth of hay at one time, the animals will likely trample much of the hay into the ground, but if only what they need is available, you can really start to see some savings!

5-Star Rating!"Using a hay bale unroller saves me so much money!"

5-Star Rating!"I don't know how I ever fed my cattle without one!"